Independence Day

It's almost the Fourth of July! Learn about the history of our country's most famous birthday, and discover why we celebrate Independence Day the way we do today.

Marriage Equality

The Supreme Court issued a ruling last week making same sex marriage legal across the country. See why this decision is making history by taking a closer look at the 14th Amendment.

Infographic: FIRST PEOPLES

Investigate the arrival of the first Homo sapiens with this downloadable infographic from the new series, FIRST PEOPLES that premiered this week on PBS.

Terrorism in the News

What should world leaders do when confronted with violence and terrorism around the globe? Listen to the conversation among lawmakers as they consider a strategy around ISIL.

This Week in History

Archduke Francis Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated this week in 1914 marking the official start of World War I. Explore the key leaders to emerge from the battlefield.

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  • Mission US 4 Launched

    The fourth game of Mission US Series, "City of Immigrants" is now LIVE at Follow 14-year old Lena Brodsky as she attempts to navigate a new country and culture.

  • Interactive History Blog

    Looking for a fun (and free) way to integrate Indiana History and the George Rogers story in your class? Through a collaboration between the George Rogers National Historical Park and Vincennes Lincoln High School, students across Indiana are invited to submit questions to George Rogers Clark, British Col. Henry Hamilton, Father Pierre Gibault, and others involved in the 1779 capture of Fort Sackville.

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